Welcome to SICO school dining – the advice centre for schools and colleges that need to get the most of their dining space.

With careful planning, you can accommodate more pupils in the same amount of space and significantly cut down on dining hall set-up and breakdown times.

Why Choose SICO

SICO products maximise space and time, they also transform spaces into versatile, multi-purpose environments.

Let Us Help You

SICO can help you make the most of the space and the funding that you have access to. With over 50 years’ experience supplying to schools and colleges in the UK, our Dining Room Planners can help you:

Increasing Capacity in the Same Space: Get the Dining Hall Planners in! Careful consideration of how equipment and furniture can fix your problems can provide genuine alternatives to more significant changes to buildings and timetables. Dining Hall Planners should:

Why Choose SICO School Dining Products

SICO school dining furniture draws on 50 years of experience to give you products that save space, are quick and easy to operate and allow halls to be fully multi-functional.

Advantages of The SICO Table Seating Unit

From this… SICO School Dining - from dining hall
to this… in under 10 minutes! SICO School Dining - to stored in under 10 minutes

No Lifting – Simple One Person Operation

SICO School Dining - no lifting required When your school hall needs to act as a breakfast club, assembly hall, gymnasium, performance theatre, dining hall and after school club (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg) then SICO’s table seating units are the answer. The mobile folding design allows you to convert your hall within minutes – the tables simply roll into place and fold open where needed, then fold up and roll back into storage. Our tables have been designed to make life easier by saving you precious time, space and money.

Key Benefits of A Table Seating Unit

Clean up time is cut by more than half – SICO TSU’s fold, roll, clean and reset in a fraction of the time that it takes to move, clean and reset tables and loose chairs. Serve up to 30% more people – Separate tables and chairs require extra aisle space to allow room for the chairs to slide in and out. SICO TSU’s can be set out closer together without chairs interlocking. Tables can pay for themselves in as little as two years – The massive saving that you’ll make in staff time alone will pay for your SICO tables within a short space of time. Unique transit lock override feature – SICO TSU’s allow you to override the transit lock giving you up to 30% additional storage space.