Rectangular Table Seating Units

Rectangular Table Seating Units | Key features and benefits | Opening the Table Seating Unit

The original and still the best

With its attached seats, the SICO Table Seating Unit (TSU) can serve 25%-40% more students than tables with chairs in the same space. Students are not only seated more efficiently, but aisle widths can be reduced and there will be no more noisy scraping of chairs.

Save Labour and Energy!

From stationary to mobile in a matter of moments, the SICO TSU can be folded and rolled out of the way far faster than any table with loose chairs. This results in significant savings in labour.

A Quieter, Safer Environment

Tables with attached seats eliminate the noise of chairs moving around and banging together. They also eliminate aisle blockage that can occur with chairs. With attached seating, floors retain their beauty longer and your staff spend less time maintaining them. The SICO TSU is also very easy to handle. The unit’s fold and roll easily, and nest together for compact storage.

Quality and Performance

SICO TSU tables have been proven in over 50 years of use. SICO TSU tables feature an attractive design and rugged construction that stands up to the hard use that comes in a school setting. With many laminate, top colours and seat colours to choose from, the TSU is an attractive table in any environment.

Key features and benefits include:

  • Choice of over 40 different laminate table top colours
  • 10 stool colour options – mix colours to be more creative
  • Mobile folding seating units can be set-up by a single operator: minimise manual handling, and minimise the time spent on set up
  • Fixed seating arrangements minimise noise (moving chairs and benches) and promote positive social behaviour
  • Fixed seating units minimise aisle widths and optimise use of space
  • Tough grade table laminates resist damage and stay in safe, hygienic condition for longer
  • Armor edge table tops make for safer handling, dinner comfort and can be steam cleaned for maximum hygiene
  • Easily moved for dining hall cleaning
  • Non-marking glides and castors designed to keep your dining hall floor looking smart
  • Seats can be removed to allow wheelchair access to the tables (manufactured to order)
  • 15-year warranty on mechanisms, lifetime warranty on welds and hassle free service, maintenance and care packages.

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Operating Instructions for SICO Table Seating Units

Moving the Table Seating Unit

opening-tsu-step-1 Push from end of table with transit lock engaged.
opening-tsu-step-2 Do not push from side as table might tip over.
opening-tsu-step-3 Avoid debris on floor.

Opening the Table Seating Unit

moving-tsu-step-1 Release transit lock and disengage, then grasp two stools on opposite sides of the table.
moving-tsu-step-2 Continue to open unit using stools as handles.
moving-tsu-step-3 Changing grip to both centre stools, ease table down into position.

Closing the Table Seating Unit

closing-tsu-step-1 Disengage centre lock and lift table using stool as handle.
closing-tsu-step-2 Continue to lift using centre stools.
closing-tsu-step-3 Grasp both middle stools and push together to engage lock.