SICO Stool Range

SICO now offers the largest range of stool colour options on the market.

What makes a SICO stool the industry standard?

Not only are SICO stools manufactured in UK, but they are manufactured using ABS plastic, ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic which is the same plastic that is used for crash helmets and police riot shields. SICO chose this highly durable plastic so it can easily deal with stress and strains of robust everyday use. The new colour range now complements the recent upgrade to the stool which introduced an ergonomically inspired “concave” seat top along with significant strength upgrades which includes increased spines under the seat to reduce the number of structural weak points and a unique square post fixing system which stops the stool from rotating and reduces wear and tear on the seat fixing. The stool is now secured to the table with a tamperproof ny-lock nut and bolt fixing. With our wide range of Altofino laminate tops and the new stool options, SICO can offer the widest and most vibrant colour selection on the market, all manufactured here in the UK to order.

Popular Table Combinations

8 seat graduate with yellow top and purple seats
12 seat table seating unit with grey top and apple green stools
graduate yellow stools light blue top

For more information on SICO’s stool range or any SICO educational product please view our product range or contact SICO directly on +44(0) 1303 234000.